International Women’s Day

Because this is Women’s History Month, I can’t help but appreciate the female relatives closest to me who were game changers in our family. My paternal grandmother Audrey (“Granny”, as I called her) born in Acola MS was the first in her family to attend college at...

Good Samaritan

#GoodSamaritan STORY TIME: Wanted to share a quick story about something wonderful that happened to me yesterday and restored my love for humanity. I was driving #BroVyas’s SUV to the city to move some paintings around from one venue to another and one of the tires...

Angels in Light

Angels in Light Crystals make a perfect gift for a family member, loved one, memorial gift or even a keepsake of your favorite pet. Check out our special offer and ORDER YOUR DESIGN HERE Just upload your highest resolution photo and place your order. Keepsakes from...

Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson!

Below is a message from Ms. Robinson , my sixth grade teacher. I wanted to honor her for being the best teacher I ever had. After trying to get everyone on the same page for a memory book, I was able to have this crystal created for her on behalf of ALL of her...

Hana in Italy

My name is Hana Bushara, and I am a rising sophomore at St. Lawrence University, located in Canton New York. I am originally from Warwick, Bermuda, though I completed my junior and senior years of high school at the United World College of the Adriatic in Duino,...

What are the chances?

You're studying abroad and decide to go sightseeing in Luxembourg and out of nowhere come your classmates from your university back home in the States. Really, what are the odds?            

Before I was an artist…

I’ve worked as a gas station attendant. I once worked at Subway for 4 hours. I’ve collected payments from customers for a sports cards trading company. I’ve been a sales representative at a mall. I’ve taught kindergarten at a daycare. I worked as an eCommerce...

Leslé Honoré Poetry

Dear Body, Yesterday Sandria Washington posted a video about a woman coming to terms with feeling too tall most of her life. I reflected on feeling too tall, not wanting to wear heels, feeling like I just took up too much space. I realized that for probably more than...


In 1975, Saturday Night Live premiered. And I was born. On March 24, at around 3am, my first season began. And somehow, I’ve managed to get picked up for 45 more. I’ve been thinking a lot about age lately. It’s really quite subjective, isn’t it? I think 46 is old...

This little guy, this beautiful baby, is Gabriel B. Taye when he when he was a toddler. He was born in 2008 and died in 2017. He was a victim of bullying and took his own life. We honored Gabe, with his mom's permission, with a tribute gift...

I Still See You…

Written by people.everyday.

August 24, 2020

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A Loving Tribute


Kevin Eugene O’Neil


Robin Lynn O’Neil

My life changed at your conception; and you became my whole being. Before you had a name, or opened up your eyes; your destiny was determined by God. From the beginning, eight weeks early, with no deficiencies; you were secluded in God’s safe and hidden plan. I recognized very early; you were a Masterpiece that He brought into this world by way of me! What a privilege. I’m so glad that God gave you to me.

As you grew and developed, oh what a joy and blessing you were to me and so many! In your elementary years, I became known as Kevin’s mom, and you volunteered me for everything in your class, Scouting, as well as. church. We learned and grew together, I told you often “I don’t know everything, let’s look it up.“

In your high school years, one of my fondest memories is you wanting to hold hands, interlocking our fingers; only for you to push them away when you spotted a friend. But, that was okay because I could still hear your friend saying that’s Kevin’s mom. It was music to my ears; and our journey was solidified. You were growing up, and having wonderful experiences and I could see in you a reflection of me; you will always be my little lamb from God. I know your life was a miracle. I’m so proud of you, and I honor your legacy today and always. Your life impacted many, and your village is still intact supporting your dad and I, as well as your annual Scholarship!

I asked one of your favorite cousins Brittney to do a spoken word poem in celebration of your 35th Heavenly birthday! It was amazing, like you. The title is so appropriate: I Still See You…..and I know you see us. Until we meet again… I love you.




By: Brittany Herbert

It is in your mother’s twinkling eyes and your father’s smile that I see you.

It is in New York Christmas and Kwanzaa’s that I see you.

It is within the states that our childhood memories intertwine from New York to Maryland. Maryland to Virginia, Virginia to New Jersey and New Jersey to Atlanta that I see you.

It is on our auntie’s walls, gardens, shirts, wallets, and nightstands where your picture stands tall that I see you.

It is always and forever indebted in our grandmother’s heart and her faith and love for the Lord that I see you.

It is within our annual cousin trips traditions to honor your life that I see you.

It is in the gentleness of my sweet baby boy, Makai, that I see you.

On my daily walks, my meditations and as I dream that I see you.

And as the years continue to pass us by I ask the Lord to continue to grant me those small very precious moments where I can see.

And as we honor you today

We see life;

We see Love;

We see joy;

And most importantly we see and will always remember you

I love you my Kevin Eugene O’Neil with all of my heart

I still see you.

For more information on donations to the Kevin Eugene O’Neil Scholarship Fund, please visit:

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This little guy, this beautiful baby, is Gabriel B. Taye when he when he was a toddler. He was...

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